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The process surrounding the selling of an enterprise is complicated. With so many steps involved, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Fortunately, Utah Business Consultants, a leading business broker in Salt Lake City, is here to assist individuals who want to sell their business.

Our goal as a premier business broker in Utah is to deliver the highest level of professional business brokerage service to our valued clients. We want to help them prepare and execute the transition of business ownership, which is an important financial event of their lives.

Planning to Sell Your Business? Here’s What You Should Know

It is important to know that while selling your business is never easy, the rewards are great if you could execute the process well.

It’s crucial, therefore, to be familiar with the right process for selling a business. Keep in mind that your market consists of experienced buyers who can see through your scheme if you present a less-than-ideal business proposition.  They will not hesitate to ignore your offer and look for other sellers if they come across any red flags.

Count on Our Premium Professional Brokerage Service for Assistance

If you are looking to transition your business to a new owner, it is best that you entrust this crucial process to us. You can rely on our professional team of business brokers to put deals together and make sure that you receive the maximum value for your business.

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Transitioning the ownership of your business may be the most important financial event of your life. Don’t trust this critical process to just anyone. The professional team at Utah Business Consultants has many years of business brokering experience.



Every Business Needs an Exit Plan – Exit Strategy Planning is based on the simple premise that eventually every owner will leave the business. Business Exit Planning is a proven process designed to allow an owner to identify and achieve specific personal, financial and estate planning goals.


Business Valuations
What Is My Business Worth?

It is important for every business owner to understand the factors that create value in a business whether you are currently considering selling your business or if that event is still many years in the future. Waiting until it is time to sell your business before creating an exit plan is risky.


FACTS About Selling or Buying Your Business

Studies indicate that 95% of established businesses that are resold succeed.


More than 65% of business owners have no idea what their company is worth.


85% of business owners have no exit strategy.


80% of new businesses fail in the first three years. Buying an established business can provide an established customer base and cash flow.


89% of business owners will rely on the proceeds of selling their business to fund their retirement.


“Based on my personal association with UBC, you will not find anyone who is more professional or who has more integrity, competency, or concern for their clients than you will at Utah Business Consultants. I would not have a moment’s hesitation referring one of my clients to them. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to maximize the value of their business to engage their services.”

Gary L. PrinceCPA, Prince Hansen Gray & Associates PLLC.

“I just sold my manufacturing company through Utah Business Consultants. We sold to an investment group from Irvine, California. My transaction was several million in size, so it was complex throughout the entire process. It was great to work with a group who helped me from start to finish. I don’t know how anyone running their business full-time could ever effectively sell without qualified help.”

Ray PetersenPrincipal, USVend Technologies

“I have worked with many brokers doing business purchases and sales. I have consistently found that Utah Business Consultants offers their clients the best and most complete service. The Utah Business Consultants team works closely with the buyer as well as the seller. They personally do everything they can to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. I am always comfortable recommending them to any client.”

Nanci Snow BockelieAttorney, Bockelie Law Office, L.C.