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April 2018

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Absentee Business Ownership

Thinking about acquiring a business and running it absentee?  My suggestion is that you think real hard and consider a few following points before jumping in those turbulent waters.   Sail your ship with a hand at the helm Five years ago, we sold a…
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Foundational Elements of Exit Planning

For a number of business owners, a successful exit from a business is their entire goal when starting the business in the first place. If you’re looking at selling your business, a business broker like Utah Business Consultants is here to provide high quality exit…
April 21, 2018
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Buying Your Own Lifestyle

Buying a business, no matter the size or industry, is also buying a lifestyle.  Most buyers of businesses, when asked why they want to buy a business or go into business for themselves, state that they want to control their own destiny or don't want…