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It’s Better To “Cash-Out” Than To “Burnout.”

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Burnout can come with a business that’s successful as well as one that’s failing to grow.  The right time to sell is before the syndrome becomes a threat to the effective management of a business. What are the warning signs of burnout?

That isolated feeling. The burnt-out owner has been “chief cook and bottle washer” for such an extended period of time, that even routine acts of decision-making and action-taking seem like Herculean tasks. These owners have been shouldering the burdens alone too long.

Fuzzy perspective.  Burnt-out owners are so close to their work that they lose perspective. Prioritizing becomes a major daily challenge, and problem-solving sometimes goes no further than the application of business Band-Aids that cost money in the long run rather than increase profits.

No more fun. Of course, owning a business is hard work, but it should also include an element of enjoyment. The owner who drags himself or herself through every day, with a sense of dread–or boredom–should consider moving on to a fresh challenge elsewhere.

Just plain tired. Simply put, many business owners burn out from the demands placed on them to keep their companies operating day after day, year after year. The schedule is not for everyone; in fact, statistics show that it’s hardly for anyone, long-term.

The important point here is for business owners to recognize the signs and take action before burnout begins to hinder the growth–or sheer survival–of the business. Many of today’s independent business owners feel they’ve worked hard, made their money and sense that now is a good time to “cash-out” and move on.

By:  Bradley G. Marlor MBA, CBI

Utah Business Consultants

Weighing Your Options: Buying vs. Starting a Business

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So you’ve been in Corporate America too long; you can no longer stomach the grind, the stress, and the hours.  You’ve been padding your corporation’s pocket, yet your pockets are seemingly empty.  Something has to change.  You realize that changing companies might provide a different view, but what you really yearn for is a whole new landscape, the ability to create and mold your environment to your own advantage.  And you want to feel duly compensated for the brainstorms, the headaches, and the emotional wear and tear. What are you waiting for? You have the skills, why not start your own business?

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Business Value Maximization

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Vision is important in any company, large or small. If you have no idea of your end goal, the beginning of your business is likely to take off in the wrong direction. If you haven’t considered how you are going to exit your company in the future, you should – now.

The journey to value maximization commences with the starting transaction. Confidence in your business progression comes with forward-thinking strategies and a solid understanding of the sales process. The following are several crucial steps to establish that understanding.

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Are There Any Good Businesses To Buy?

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Here are some responses to that question:

First: The Small Business Administration reports there are over 5.7 million businesses in the U.S. with at least one employee other than the owner. Formal and informal surveys indicate that approximately 20% of all businesses are for sale. For many reasons, of the 1.1 million businesses that are for sale, about 20% of those will actually transact a deal. On the Utah front, the Utah State Department of Commerce reports about 170,000 total businesses. Extrapolating, there are close to 34,000 businesses for sale in Utah. Not all businesses are “openly” on the market; business brokers, others by owner, represent many.  However, you do the math, at any given time there is an impressive number of businesses on the market. …Read More!

Friends and Family: A Financing Option For Small Businesses

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The first job facing many prospective business owners is rounding up the cash necessary to make the purchase.  They may find that banks have made borrowing difficult (or all but impossible), and that even SBA loans have requirements too stringent to meet. One viable option is obtaining financing from the seller; another is to seek help from family and friends.

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