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Tips For Buyers

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Don’t be greedy.

Sellers deserve a fair price for the years they have spent developing their business.  Be prepared to pay for the goodwill of the business.

Have a good reason to be buying.

Buying a business is hard work!  It takes commitment!  Employees will be counting you. Spend time deciding why you want the responsibility of owning a business.

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It's Time to Sell

Seven Signs that it’s Time to Sell

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I’ve been a CPA for thirty eight years and a Business Broker for nineteen. By now I know the signs that indicate when a business owner should consider selling his or her business.  Sales have been flat for several years. This indicates that you have either taken the business as far as you are able, or that you are burning out and just don’t care anymore. …Read More

Adding Value to Your Business

Adding Value To Your Business

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If you are considering selling your business, remember that there are positive factors that influence value and those that detract from it. Looking at your business from a buyer’s perspective is important since a prudent buyer will be adding and subtracting these various factors when arriving at an asking price. …Read More