What Clients and

Professional Advisors Say

“Please accept the gratitude and commendations from Proficio Management, its members and all of the CALO team for your work in our recent transaction. UBC came to the table with strict integrity and professionalism and aligned resources and individuals in a unique way while ensuring the goals of the client were met and exceeded. During challenging issues, which all deals present, UBC created an atmosphere of trust and confidence, making possible the right level of concessions on all sides to get the deal completed to the satisfaction of all involved. Without the unique breadth of skills and experience as well as the confidence engendered by UBC, I am convinced that the transaction would have failed. Instead, UBC brought success and left all parties satisfied with the results, and with the contribution by Brad, Wayne and the entire team.”

Paul Watson, Principal, Proficio ServicesGroup, LLC

“I just sold my manufacturing company through Utah Business Consultants. We sold to an investment group from Irvine, California. My transaction was several million in size, so it was complex throughout the entire process. It was great to work with a group who helped me from start to finish. I don’t know how anyone running their business full-time could ever effectively sell without qualified help.”

Ray Petersen, Principal, USVend Technologies

“I had the recent opportunity of presenting multiple seminars with the Utah Business Consultants team. They articulate well the complexities and pitfalls inherent in valuing and selling businesses. The UBC people have put together a great structure for maximizing their clients’ business value.”

Stuart Fredman, Attorney, Michael Best & Friedrich

“I have worked with many brokers doing business purchases and sales. I have consistently found that Utah Business Consultants offers their clients the best and most complete service. The Utah Business Consultants team works closely with the buyer as well as the seller. They personally do everything they can to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. I am always comfortable recommending them to any client.”

Nanci Snow Bockelie, Attorney, Bockelie Law Office, L.C.

“Based on my personal association with UBC, you will not find anyone who is more professional or who has more integrity, competency, or concern for their clients than you will at Utah Business Consultants. I would not have a moment’s hesitation referring one of my clients to them. I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to maximize the value of their business to engage their services.”

Gary L. Prince, CPA, Prince Hansen Gray & Associates PLLC.

“I have been working together with Utah Business Consultants since 2004 to help buyers finance the purchase of their new business. I have found the UBC team to always show professionalism, and always provide helpful solutions through their expertise and experience.”

Ryan Furstenau, Senior Loan Officer SBA Lending, Live Oak Bank