Tips on Formulating a Great Business Sale Ad

For many business owners attempting to sell their business in the near future, one great method of drumming up interest is putting out ads. The more people who know the business is for sale, after all, the greater the chances you get leads and a good quantity of prospective buyers as you move forward with the process.

At Utah Business Consultants, we employ the best business brokers in Utah and have helped numerous clients with every step of the process for selling a business, including assisting with formulating ads for those who wish to go this route. Here are some top tactics we can recommend when it comes to crafting business sale ads that fill the role you’re hoping from them.

formulating business sale ad

Headline Quality

The headline of any ad is what grabs attention and brings eyes to the rest of the content, so you should take the time to ensure the headline is interesting and engaging. This is particularly true if you’re utilizing online ad formats, where people’s eyes have become trained to skim quite quickly and will only lock onto something if it truly interests them.

In many cases, we recommend pinpointing your business’s single most appealing feature. Emphasizing this as part of the headline will likely grab the folks most interested in the areas you succeed in.

Being Descriptive

Throughout the ad, be as descriptive as you can without being too lengthy. If readers have already been drawn in by your headline, they’ll now want to see a detailed picture of your business and its features. Don’t leave them wondering about important elements of the business, as this may prevent them from taking the next step.

Imagery Used

The headline isn’t the only element of your ad that should capture attention – you should also include high-quality images that will do the same. Consider professional photography if you plan to use a picture of your actual business, as such individuals will know how to highlight the best attributes in visually appealing ways.

Include Key Data

To whatever degree is realistically possible, also include some basic key financial data. Serious potential buyers will want to know about these areas, such as cash flow or income statements, as they determine whether purchasing this business might be a viable move.

Proof It!

Finally, one element you absolutely cannot skim past: Proofreading. Nothing will turn off a potential buyer faster than finding typos or incorrect information in a business sale ad, so ensure every line and word is pored over and deemed correct before finalizing your ad.

For more on crafting ideal ads for selling your business, or to learn about any of our exit planning or business valuation services, speak to the staff at Utah Business Consultants today.

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