Exit Planning Service for Businesses

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Utah Business Consultants Offers a Comprehensive Exit Planning Service for Businesses

Utah Business Consultants, a trusted business consultancy firm in Utah, offers a comprehensive exit planning for businesses. This service includes a ten-step process that will help business owners exit a business with minimal risk.

Utah Business Consultants, a premier business consulting firm in Utah, offers a comprehensive exit planning service for businesses. This includes a ten-step process that will help business owners leave their businesses with minimal risk.

Step 1: Planning

Utah Business Consultants will design an exit plan that will maximize business value and minimize tax consequences at the same time.

Step 2: Selecting the Advisor Team

The firm will help the client select an advisor team, which will include a certified public accountant, a business banker, a financial advisor, a lawyer, and an investment banker.

Step 3: Assessing Business Value

The firm will perform an evaluation of the client’s business, based on the company’s financial revenues, industry-comparable sales, and projected future performance.

Step 4:  Setting Strategies to Find the Right Buyer

Utah Business Consultants will determine the profile of potential buyers. Then the firm will set the strategies to target these buyers.

Step 5: Marketing Confidentially

The firm will start marketing the client’s business to sellers using a Confidential Business Review (CBR), which includes an in-depth review of the client’s company.

Step 6: Generating Buyers

Utah Business Consultants will qualify all interested buyers who, upon the client’s approval, will receive the CBR and other confidential information about the client’s company. The approved buyers will then have to submit to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Step 7: Facilitating a Deal Structure

The firm will facilitate negotiations culminating in non-binding offers. It will make sure that the deal will satisfy the needs and concerns of all parties.

Step 8: Following Due Diligence

After the sales agreement, the firm will follow a definitive schedule in order to move the closing process in a timely manner.

Step 9: Checking the Definitive Purchase Agreement

The firm will assist in checking the Definitive Purchase Agreement drafted by the business buyer and all the ancillary documents for the sale.

Step 10: Closing

Utah Business Consultants will guide the client throughout the closing process – from agreement signing to document filing with the government offices.

With this comprehensive exit planning, the firm aims to help business owners sell their businesses properly and achieve their financial goals at the same time. The firm is located in Salt Lake City, but it provides its exit planning services all throughout the state.

About Utah Business Consultants

Utah Business Consultants is a premier business consulting firm in Utah that provides a range of services to business owners who want to grow their business or exit their companies with minimal risk. The firm is composed of former business owners and financial professionals who assist clients by using ownership strategies that will create a maximum business value.


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